Why Me?

Or why not me? This is probably a question you have asked yourself many times.
I too have been on that bumpy, upsetting journey and I know how trying for a baby can take over your life.

If you’re not sure how many more months you can go through this cycle of try, hope, despair the Freedom Fertility Formula can help you make sense of so many of the questions, uncertainties and feelings that bounce around inside your head.

Maybe your partner who always totally ‘gets you’ just doesn’t seem to ‘get this’. I can be your listening ear to hear your story, to hear how it is affecting you and how you are feeling. You could have a new perspective on your story and change how you are feeling about it to give you the strength to continue on your journey with confidence and hope.

Together we can work through your ups and downs and find new ways of getting through the things you find the hardest, the times when you are triggered into a state of overwhelm. Instead of bursting into tears on hearing a pregnancy announcement, imagine feeling happy for them and looking forward to when it’s your turn.


Are you constantly researching and looking for the next miracle thing that will help you to get pregnant?

Doing this in an unproductive way could be causing you more stress. When you are stressed about anything at all your brain believes you are in danger, you are therefore living in an emergency state. If your brain believes this to be the case why would it be a good idea to reproduce and also endanger a new life too? What if you could learn a way of feeling more relaxed and with that to be able to listen to your instincts, trusting yourself so that you know what is right for you to move forward. All of this reassures your subconscious brain that you are now safe and no longer living with a perceived imminent threat.

I can show you new ways to understand some of your most difficult feelings, to acknowledge them and understand that they are useful and are there to show you the best course of action to take.  These difficult feelings are actually there to help you when you listen to them and stop squashing them down.

By taking small steps in each session I can guide you and support you to find new ways of feeling and for you to learn to be confident to help yourself as you continue on your fertility journey while improving your chances of pregnancy success.

Think how it would be to feel calm, relaxed, more confident and emotionally in control. Imagine being able to handle friends and family questioning you and giving you well-meaning but unhelpful advice. To be able to react differently to the pregnancy announcements and whatever else it is that currently sends you into a spin. How liberating!

Imagine feeling more like the old you. Being able to fully reconnect with your partner while ‘living in the wait’. Goodbye ‘waiting to live’.  I would love to work with you so that you can feel this way.  Just get in touch for a chat.

I am very thankful to the time Jo dedicated to me, she listened to my worries and my negative brain, and she didn’t judge in any way.  She helped me to bring back out my positive self which I had buried amongst all the stress and strain of a fertility journey that wasn’t going so well.

Jo is kind, funny and caring and a wonderful human, and I would recommend anyone to have a good natter with her if they are on a bit of a rocky road.

Needless to say, she certainly helped me and my journey, she gave me confidence to speak out about my grief and anxieties, and gave me the power to believe in the present.

Thank you Jo x

Charlee Pengelly