The idea of a sixth sense may at first seem strange but it describes those ‘hunches’ that we all get. The feeling of unease when you know that something isn’t right or that nagging feeling that  something is going on. Maybe you met someone and had a ‘gut feeling’ about them and can’t logically explain why.

It can be a good feeling too like when you know that you instantly like someone or that a situation is just right or as it should be. Or making a decision followed by a sense of calm and a feeling of knowing that the decision was absolutely right for you.

Maybe you’ve ignored that feeling in the past? I certainly have not listened to my gut and then berated myself after the event for choosing to not listen to my inner voice and for some crazy reason possibly trusting someone else’s opinion over my own.

Your intuition is your own guiding star. Learning to trust it will help you to make the best choices for you.

The world of fertility and also birth is very noisy and you can feel vulnerable amongst the uncertainties and all of the unknowns. There are so many different diets,  holistic treatments, procedures, supplements, books, coaches, support groups etc and many of them have very different opinions. When you really want something your desire can cause you to overlook or ignore something that may be helpful and right for you as you search amidst all that the noise for the right way to turn.

Being too focused on getting what you want can get in the way of listening to what is right for you. Overthinking decisions and taking yourself through various scenarios and outcomes leads to looking more outwardly and away from your instincts. Ignoring that gut feeling can leave you feeling confused and dizzy and unsure.

Feeling like you should be doing something that you’ve been told about or you need to be doing something else will also lead you to searching more outwardly. To be able to look inside yourself and connect with your inner voice ask yourself:  “How will I feel about myself if I do this?” can be very empowering.

Preconceived ideas which works in the opposite way of overthinking is made from quick judgements from past experiences rather than reason or actual experience. This doesn’t give you the opportunity to tap into your intuition effectively and can limit you in tuning into what is right for you at this time in your life.

Family and friends, doctors and specialists or anyone you respect can offer opinions and advice and you can take their words as the truth. What they are telling you may be the right thing for them but it may not be the right thing for you, so be aware of this too and explore your feelings on what you are told by others. What is or was right for them is not necessarily the way forward for you.

Using your sixth sense can be less obvious than using the other five senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste, we all have it at our disposal and some people choose to ignore the inner messages. Your intuition is like a muscle, the more we use it the stronger it becomes.

Life is busy and noisy and we don’t always stop to listen to that quiet inner voice and look inwardly to find solutions that we need in the moment. We tend to look more outwardly asking for opinions of others and researching the ‘right thing to do’. Sometimes gut feelings can be like faint whispers in your body and ignored because of this. This then leads you to follow what’s right for other people and not for yourself.

So what is a gut feeling?

A gut feeling is an inner sense of guidance using all of your senses and information from stored past experiences in your subconscious brain.


Sixth Sense and Intuition

Sometimes gut feelings can give you sensations that can be similar to anxiety and usually it’s the calmer sensations that seem more clear to follow. The vagus nerve carries signals from our gut to brain and back again which can make emotional experiences register as anxiety, stomach twinges, pain or feeling sick. This is also why children translate stress or worry as having a pain in their tummy.

Some signs of a gut feeling can be a flash of clarity, goosebumps, tension or tightness in your body, the sinking sensation in the pit of your stomach, thoughts that keep returning to a certain person or situation or feelings of peace safety or happiness after a decision.

The brain has two parts; the feeling brain (subconscious) and the thinking brain (conscious). The feeling brain is approximately 95% and the thinking brain makes up the other 5%. The feeling brain is quick, instinctual and effortless – it is there for our safety and protection and this is where our intuition is. It works by drawing on past experiences when we have to make a quick decision about something that feels good or bad, right or wrong without engaging the thinking part of our brain.

The thinking part of our brain is much slower to respond because it likes to take time to analyse, think and question.

The second we start to engage our thinking brain the more we are being led away from our feeling part of the brain and our gut instinct or intuition.

Sixth Sense – How to tune in to what is right for you.

A little bit of quiet and calm whilst being able to turn off any chaos and noise around you is essential to be able to listen to the messages of warnings and encouragement from our inner guidance system.

In the moment of difficult feelings or feeling very low your intuition can be clouded or distorted. Research has shown that people make better choices when in a more positive mood.

Exercise: (this can be used for any decision making process)
For Fertility: write a list of the things that you have been doing with regards to achieving success, the things you are doing, and the things you are considering
For Birth: write a list of considerations and birth preferences also add anything you are doing to support pregnancy or would like to do.

As you write the List explore some of the feelings that come up for you. Does ‘X’ fill you with excitement? A load of good feelings? Or does your stomach sink with dread?

Once finished take a break and do something else to distract you from the thoughts that you had around it and then revisit the list later.

As you revisit the list take a few deep breaths, focus on something nice for a while then bring yourself into the room and into the present moment.

Move down the list QUICKLY and put a tick beside the item on the list that you know is good for you and a cross beside the ones you feel are not right.

NB: If you find yourself pausing to think or you thoughts move to what others have said you are engaging the thinking/analysing part of your brain, which is not the part that knows best for you. The feeling part of your brain (or subconscious) is where your intuition or sixth sense lives. To enable yourself to move quickly and get to the feeling brain take a breath and return back to being curious about what you want and what is right for you and ask yourself this question:

“What is right for me, right now?”

You will then be left with a list of things that you know are right for you. Maybe some things you have overlooked, maybe there are items on the list that you would like to revisit.

This allows you to spend your time, effort and even money on the things that you know are absolutely right for you. If you think about the placebo effect, when people think and believe they are being helped amazing recoveries and results are shown in experiments through the power of the mind. If you believe you are helping yourself and doing the right thing for you then you are.

If it feels right, it is right!