Frequently Asked Questions

When should I start?

There are no rules, this is a personal choice.  Most people start between 20 and 34 weeks which gives you plenty of time to enjoy the practice and relaxation in your pregnancy. I have started teaching women as late as 36 weeks which has still been a success.

Are hypnobirthing babies calmer?
  • It is believed that ‘hypno’ babies are calmer. They seem to be more alert, sleep better and also feed well.
  • When mothers are practising their techniques whilst pregnant, their babies respond to the relaxation and oxytocin being produced.
  • During the third trimester the baby is also learning what it feels like to be calm and relaxed.
  • Scientific research has shown babies born in this way usually have higher Apgar scores. (A test given to newborns immediately after birth then again at 5 mins after)
Benefits of hypnobirthing
  • Releasing any existing fears learnt about birth allows you to feel more confident in your body’s natural ability to give birth and enables you to enjoy pregnancy and look forward to birthing.
  • Birthing without fear allows you to be calm and relaxed and in control.
  • It can shorten the length of your labour because being calm allows your uterus to work effectively and efficiently with lots of oxygenated blood for your baby.
  • Your birthing partner can also feel involved with a vital role to play on the day. They will be able to assist you with the tools and techniques you will both have learnt which will help you to remain calm and relaxed on the day.
  • By educating yourselves and preparing in this way you will have the confidence to ask questions and make decisions which allows a more positive birth experience, no matter what path your birthing takes.
  • The techniques you will learn are tools for life so after birth, you can use them in everyday life to help you to stay calm.
Will it be less painful?

By being free of fear and tension the body and uterus can relax and work efficiently to do exactly what they need to do. Some women have reported that they have laboured in complete comfort and others have experienced more intense sensations but have felt distanced from them because the mind is relaxed and focused on something else.
However labour and birth do not have to be pain free to be a positive or even amazing experience.