The Fertility Stress Solution - Jo Dalziel is speaking

I’m so excited to be able to share details about this amazing free summit The Fertility Stress Solution, I have been thrilled and privileged to be part of.

EFT for Fertility

Sarah Holland has been waving the flag for fertility EFT for many years and had the dream to bring mentors, coaches and therapists from all over the world together who are using EFT successfully with their clients. When she got in touch I had to jump at the chance because it’s something that I am so passionate about and I know how amazing and effective it is.

Releasing Overwhelm on a Fertility Journey

I wanted to talk about overwhelm because it’s something that everyone I work with has in common. It obviously affects everyone differently and in different areas of their lives and is like the enemy when it strikes!

The inability to think straight and having so many scattered thoughts catastrophising about different outcomes is so unhelpful. When you get overwhelmed the stress response is triggered and your body and primitive brain believe that you are in danger. The same response as being faced with a sabre-toothed tiger.

Our feeling brain or subconscious can not distinguish between real and imagined danger. The imagined danger is only the stressful, worrying thoughts that we are having.

EFT for Stress

EFT can interrupt the stress and help to reset the response and allow your nervous system to have a break that it needs to allow the bodily systems, including fertility to work as it should.

I still often find myself in overwhelm, often frantically cleaning, and as soon as I have the awareness of what I’m doing a few rounds of tapping can help me to realise what is I’m doing and make more sense of my thoughts and the steps to take to guide me out of the state.

It may be that you have heard of EFT and haven’t tried it or you think it seems weird and are totally sceptical. Rest assured I wasn’t convinced by it until I tried it either.

This is your chance to bust some stress and give it a go without throwing any more money into the fertility money pit!

Nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Click the button below for more details on the fertility stress solution summit and to register for free.


The Fertility Stress Solution - Jo Dalziel is speaking

If you want a more personalised session for your own situation get in touch and that can easily be arranged with me.

Sending love and EFT magic to each and every one of you x