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Calm & Relaxed Antenatal Education.

Embrace the beauty of birth with confidence & composure

Emotional Freedom Technique

Tapping is the perfect solution to stress.

EFT brings positive results and mindset shifts

Angelic Reiki

Healing that combines the gentle energy of angels with the power of Reiki

Hi, I’m Jo.

I’m pleased you’re here & are curious to move forward.

You’ve landed at the right place to prepare your mind and body for the best next steps on your birthing journey ahead.

Your emotional well-being is at the heart of everything I do. How you are feeling right now is unique and it would be an honour to guide you to a place of calm confidence in whichever way is right for you.

How would it feel to be free of your current worrying thoughts?

Imagine getting to a place where you could trust that you could handle anything that lies ahead.

All you have to do is incorporate a few new learnings into your every day life.

Have a closer look to see how I can help you.

Our Hypnobirthing Courses

Four informative, relaxing sessions,  each one is approximately 2.5 hrs including a hypnosis script.

Class One


Class Two


Class Three


Class Four


I would highly recommend Belle Birth. The course made my husband and I feel calm and confident about the birth of our baby.

We had a really positive birth experience and I truly believe it was down to what we’d learned and practiced. I felt calm and in control, strangely I actually enjoyed the experience. The midwife even commented on how relaxed I was.

Jo is an excellent teacher, she’s calm, friendly, reassuring and knowledgeable. Jo was really flexible when we went into lockdown, we ended up having to do our final sessions via Skype which still worked really well.

Thank you Jo for your support during the course and since the birth of our baby too.

Helen Harris

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